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Click the button below to add the SCORPION PRINTED COTTON-JERSEY T-SHIRT to your wish list.


b>EDITOR'S NOTES</b><br><br>RADDAR7 have created a bold T-shirt with an edge of dark romanticism. The contemporary metallic design on the front incorporates original artwork and pencil strokes to striking effect. Work it into your casual wardrobe with a leather jacket and jeans, or wear for a night-out to complete a chic rock ‘n' roll look. <br><br><b> RADDAR7 </b> is the conceptual blend of contemporary art and iconic rock style, incorporating cool London aesthetics and youthful artistic designs into men’s fashion.<br> <br> <b> STORYTELLING DETAILS OF DESIGN </b> <br><br>"To be nobody but yourself in a world which struggles, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle any human can fight; and never stop fighting" E E Cummings. <br><br>We are at war with ourselves. On a daily basis, we are embroiled in a battle between what we see and what we feel. What our eyes tell us is filtered through our emotional memory banks and translated into a personal context; part of our individual narrative. However, our response may not be entirely accurate and, conversely, what we see might not be the whole of the story. How can we trust everything we see around us? <br><br>RADDAR7's Scorpion Roses tee is an experiment in visual challenge. Crafted by some of the UK's most exciting designers, it uses the artistic concepts of size, colour, tilt and brightness to create a swirling series of optical illusions that tests everyone who looks into its vortex, captured by the images that flash in front of them. But what do they see? Only they can tell you.


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